Meadowdale Primary-153

Year 6

Year 6 brings the final stage of learning at the primary phase at Meadowdale Academy. Here, our children are seen as role models for the entire school due to their maturity and wisdom. 

Reading continues to stand in high regard within children’s learning journey. Children’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading remains a priority and is established well in Year 6. Pupils encounter an increasingly wider range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry with appropriate content and level of challenge. Pupils develop their analytical skills in reading through their consideration of audience and purpose and the author’s intent when writing specific texts. 

Writing as an author, linked to in depth reading experiences, is valued. Pupils learn further how and why they, as authors, can make literary choices through the structure, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to enhance meaning and the purpose of their writing. Influence from children’s favourite authors and texts alongside increasingly complex concepts of English learned and implemented within their writing to create their own, unique authorial style. 

Maths in Year 6 ensures pupils are fluent in written methods of all four operations and working with fractions, decimals and percentages. Children delve deeper into algebra as a means for solving a variety of problems. Teaching in geometry and measure consolidates and extends children’s knowledge developed in number. Reasoning and problem solving knowledge and skills are developed further, deepening understanding and mastering concepts. 

As children approach the end of Year 6, they are ready for their transition to secondary school and Key Stage 3. 

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Year overview 22/23
“I’m really enjoying being in Year 6. The work is challenging but exciting and I am proud of what I have achieved so far.” “I love being in Year 6 and having the opportunities to help the younger year groups. Being a buddy is great fun!”
Year 6 pupils
Pupils will develop their understanding of our amazing planet during their topic studies this term. They will continue to work hard in preparation for their end of Key Stage SATs exams in maths and English. Their work will be challenging, but there is support for all of our children at all times.