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Year 1

Year 1 is the beginning of children’s learning journey in Key Stage 1, making the move from Reception. Children’s learning builds upon the strong foundations made in the Early Years Foundation Stage, gradually transitioning into a more formal structure of learning. 

Phonics learning continues through our Read Write inc. programme where children learn to read and write using their increasing understanding of sounds and the letters which represent the sounds. Children work in groups where learning is tailored to their next stage of learning and development. Children continue to learn to blend sounds and read tricky words whilst developing their comprehension skills. Children also learn how to read ‘nonsense words’ to learn and embed successful phonics decoding and blending skills, preparing them for when they encounter unfamiliar language. 

Children learn to apply their phonics skills through the teaching of the National Curriculum content where they produce progressively more detailed texts where they will learn to include capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and conjunctions, all whilst learning to present their writing neatly. Vocabulary is developed within reading and writing lessons to enhance children’s abilities to portray meaning. 

In mathematics, children enjoy learning through our school’s ‘Maths No Problem’ approach, allowing children to be confident mathematicians. They are given the opportunity to explore maths using a wide range of resources and mathematical talk all before developing their independent practice in maths. We ensure children become more fluent in the fundamental maths areas of study and develop problem solving skills, all of which are underpinned by their ability to mathematically reason. 

At the end of Year 1, pupils are well-prepared for their transition into Year 2, the final phase of Key Stage 1.

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Year overview 22/23
I love doing work – I like writing even though it is tricky - I always say ‘no!’ when it is time to stop! - Lucas. I like phonics because you can learn how to read big words - Freya. I like learning in Year 1, my favourite thing is writing. - Bodhi
As the new year begins, our Kingfishers have returned to school ready to learn! We had a wonderful first term together with lots of learning, fun and friendship. I know we have lots of exciting times ahead and look forward to seeing our Year 1 friends continue to grow and shine.
Mrs Bennett