Meadowdale Primary-38


At Meadowdale Academy, our children are given many opportunities to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally through learning woven into all aspects of school life. It helps our pupils to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the wider world by learning about the beliefs, cultures, difficulties and needs of other people. This in turn helps everyone to develop greater consideration, care and empathy for the world around them.


We provide pupils with opportunities to explore other faiths and beliefs and to reflect on their own life experiences. Our children demonstrate enjoyment and fascination when learning about others and the world around them, achieved through an imaginative and creative curriculum. Our assemblies cover a wide range of topics including religious festivals, children’s rights and national and international days of celebration.


Our children learn make excellent progress in learning how to recognise the difference between right and wrong and how to take responsibility for their actions. They value our school community, willingly take on responsibility and participate enthusiastically in school life beyond the normal school day.


Our children have many opportunities to contribute to community life and to take responsibility around school.  They show initiative and are willing to take on the responsibility to improve aspects of school life. 

Educational visits and residentials allow our children to gain experience beyond the classroom and promote independence. Visits widen pupils’ horizons, encourage collaboration, and allow pupils to become involved in what may be a completely new experience. 

We help our children make progress in developing essential personal qualities for future life and the world of work with a range of activities. Our children attend and participate in a range of projects to raise aspirations for future careers. 

Our school is also very proud to support several charities. We have hosted coffee mornings to raise money for MacMillan and children have donated food for harvest festival which is distributed to local people. We also regularly take part in national fundraising events such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day.


Activities are planned throughout the year for children to engage in artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities. Our curriculum prepares children for life in Modern Britain through a range of different cultures, extending pupils’ knowledge and use of cultural imagery and language.