Meadowdale Primary-187

Year 4

Year 4 is at the heart of the Key Stage 2 phase at Meadowdale Academy. Pupils become increasingly independent and learn to take further ownership of their learning.

Reading is taught through ‘Fred’s Teaching’ where children explore a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry with increasing confidence and independence. Texts are linked to curriculum themes and wider-world topics such as Remembrance, Black History and International Women’s Day. Children build upon the reading knowledge and skills in Year 3 and with increasing independence, make justifications about what they have read, using the text to support their views.  Children read widely, with increasing fluency and enthusiasm.

Continuing their journey to becoming an author, children develop their writing knowledge of conjunctions, adverbials, apostrophes, written dialogue, and verb tenses. They continue to evaluate and edit their writing, assessing the effectiveness of their own and other’s texts. Children produce texts across fiction, non-fiction and poetry linked to a range of topics and themes. 

In maths, children develop and deepen their understanding of number, including fractions and decimal value; measurement, including time; geometry and statistics. Children solve mathematical problems with increasing challenge, whilst developing their reasoning skills. Children’s knowledge of multiplication and division facts are consolidated as they learn multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.

As they approach Year 5, children are well-prepared for their transition into Upper Key Stage 2.

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Year overview 22/23
Year 4 is good because you can challenge yourself - Grayson. Everyone is friendly and the teacher always explains everything and helps - Jack.
Year 4 pupils
What an incredible start to life in Year 4, they are an absolute joy to teach. As we welcome 2023, I know the Harriers will continue to go from strength to strength with their learning. Their attitudes have been superb so far and I know that this will continue in the term ahead. I can’t wait to get going.
Mr Carney